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Erotica X Video – Letting Go

In this latest erotica x video we have sexy Anya Olsen getting pounded by one of her brother’s friends. He was staying at their place for a few days so they got to spend a lot of time together. Anya didn’t remember him being so hot and that was a good surprise. Her brother was out of town, so she had to take care of him, but she took that a bit too serious. He was her brother’s older friend and his best friend, but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t try her luck with him.

One night he noticed her checking him out so he started flirting with her. Needless to say that they ended up in the bedroom where the real fun and the passion begun like a classic vintage erotica adventure. They ended up in the hottest and most passionate sex ever. Enjoy!

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Erotica X video – A touch of romance

Last updated: January 17th, 2017
Hello there, once again! Tonight, as we have promised last time, we have another erotica x video update with an incredibly hot couple making passionate love and enjoying every second with each other. This gorgeous brunette will get her sweet pussy fucked really good by her boyfriend and then she will be sprayed with his load cum on that soft skin of her. She adores getting her tight pussy fucked, just like the chicks from 21sextury website. So let’s see her in action!

If you watch this update video where eroticax brought to you two amazing young people who will burn the fire between them by making a passionate and relaxing sex session in the afternoon. They will start by kissing and touching those perfect bodies they have. After a lot of teasing and an incredible prelude, he will go down on her and will kiss all over that sweet pussy. Watch how she moans in pleasure when he shove that hard dick inside of her eager wet pussy. She will be fucked from behind first and then she will spread open her sexy legs so that her partner to have access to that naughty cunt. He will fuck her slowly first and then will go faster and faster on her request. If you can hold until the end, you will see her helping him to cum using those slutty little hands which will be all over that hard cock. Her soft skin will be sprayed with his load jizz in the end.

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Erotica X – Shower sex video

Hello once again, boys and girls. Last time we have promised a very hot  videos update for tonight. And we kept our promises, that’s why we present to you this incredibly hot video with a really beautiful couple who is making passionate love in their shower.

These two young people were apart for a long time, so they missed each other a lot. Now that they are together again, they want to catch up the time they were apart. So in this update you will see them making true eroticax love full of passion and desire. Starting in the shower, where they were both very wet and horny, he will touch and kiss that sexy body of her. After awhile, she will go down on him and will give him a nice blow job. You will have the chance to see her after that, riding him on the floor. Watch how she is moaning in pleasure when his cock is inside of that eager pussy. He will fuck her from behind, after all of these, and she will enjoy every moment. In the end, they will reach the orgasm and her sexy belly will be sprayed with his load cum.  Next week we have another hot passionate update just like this on the website, with hot couples making passionate love or fucking hardcore or sexy ladies entertain themselves until they cum.

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Magic moments

Hello there, everybody! Erotica x videos brings to you a incredible hot update tonight. You will have the chance to see this beautiful couple during a magic moment for they, meaning that you will see them making passionate love. This gorgeous brunette will give to her boyfriend a special night when her entire body will be enveloped in pure pleasure.

These two young people are in the middle of a relaxing eroticax sex session. You will see them starting everything very slowly, by touching and kissing each other’s body, Take a look of that incredibly skin that this brunette has, those firm boobs and that sexy round ass. Every part of that skin will be kissed by her partner making her all excited and wet. After he is going down on her, she will spread wide open those sexy legs so that hard  thick cock to be put inside of her. She will moan in pleasure and you will hear her asking for more. Do not miss the end, when they will both reach the orgasm at the same time. That is a magic moment for both of them. Don’t forget that you can find some similar hardcore sex videos inside the blog, so check it out and watch other beauties getting their wet cunts fucked!


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EroticaX – Passion and love

Hello there, boys and girls! Last time we have promised a hot erotica x update for tonight. Well, this one is just like we said. Get ready to see a amazingly hot couple making passionate love and enjoying each other’s body.


Our gorgeous blonde wanted to give her boyfriend a nice eroticax birthday present, so when they arrived home from his party, she dropped on her knees and wrapped those sexy juicy lips around his cock and started to blow him. After he laid down, she continued her passionate blow job looking him in the eyes at the same time.


After this, he shoved his hard dick inside of that naughty and eager pussy, He will fuck her slow in the beginning, and after that, he will go harder and harder on her request. In the end, she will put those slutty hands all over his cock and her belly will be sprayed with his load cum. Do not miss our next update where another amazing couple will have a nice and passionate sex session. Another babe will get to be fucked gentle by her handsome boyfriend. If you liked this scene check out loadmymouth website and watch other beauties sucking big cocks!

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Erotica X – Moaning in pleasure

Hi everybody once again! Are you ready for a new hot special update? Tonight we will entertain you with a beautiful and young couple who is during a nice and passionate sex session. Make yourself comfortable because is coming a truly exciting update.


Eroticax wanted to present this two to you tonight because we think that they just look great together and even better during passionate sex. This gorgeous brunette with an incredibly all natural body and some crazy beautiful blue eyes will be fucked gently by her handsome boyfriend. She will moaning in pleasure when his cock will go inside of that eager pussy. Watch her spreading wide open her sexy legs just for that hard cock to go inside of her pretty cunt.


After that, you will see her fucked from behind with her legs in the air and her nice boobs squeezed and touched by that stud who will shove his hard cock inside of that wet pussy and will fuck her hard. Check out how she enjoys every second and how she reaches the orgasm moaning in pleasure. And if you cum back next week, you will find here another fresh hot update with an incredibly hot couple making passionate love or sexy and sensual babes entertain themselves, then sharing with everybody that intimate moment just for your delight. If you liked this scene visit the blog and watch some beauties getting their holes stuffed by big cocks!

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Couple having sex at the pool

Hi there, everyone! Can you guess what erotica x picture gallery has prepared for you tonight? Let me give you a hint: it is about a horny couple, outdoors and a lot of passion. Now it is not that hard to guess: this hot couple will have a relaxing sex session outdoors, at the pool and you will have front row seats for this one.

So because last time we have promised that we will bring to you a new eroticax hot update, tonight we want you to meet this amazingly beautiful brunette and her handsome boyfriend during a pool sex session. Watch them how they start with some hot touching under the rays of sunshine. He will kiss every part of that perfect body and will go down on her so that everything to be prepared properly. After this, she will go on top of him and will start to ride gentle his hard and big cock. After awhile you will see her going faster and faster. In the end, with her legs spread wide open, she will get her belly sprayed with his nasty cum. Cum back next week for more sensual and passionate sex. Until then, click here and watch some similar hardcore sex movies!



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Erotica X – Steamy sex

Hello there, boys and girls! Last time we have promised a fresh hot  videos update for tonight. We have it, it is truly hot and you have front row seats on this one. Get ready to see an incredibly hot couple doing passionate sex and giving each other pure pleasures.

Eroticax porn brings to you this smoking hot blonde and her handsome boyfriend – a beautiful couple – and they are during a relaxing sex session. This two will take things very slow in the beginning, starting with a nice prelude with a lot of passionate kisses and gentle touching. Even like that, you will see them having in the end a little hardcore sex just so that they could both reach the orgasm. Watch how this sensual horny blonde have her pussy stuffed with a hard cock and how she ask for more and more. She will puts up her sexy long legs so that her partner to access easier that lovely pussy with his cock. Take a look of how they both look in other’s eyes and see how much passion is between those two. And do not miss the end, when they will both have an crazy healthy orgasm at once. If you can’t wait until the next week’s update, check out the Czech Streets blog and watch other amateur beauties getting penetrated!


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EroticaX – Hot couple

Hi there, once again! We have promised last time a new fresh update for tonight. Eroticax brings it to you right now. This is about a hot passionate couple who will make love in many sensual position. Get ready for some incredibly exciting action.

These two are in the mood for a relaxing sex session. These videos brings everything to you so that you will assist at on hell of a sex show. You will see this young couple starting by kissing each other gently to every piece of their hot bodies. He will go down on her, making her all horny and wet moaning in pleasure. After that, she will repay him with the same treatment. After everything is how it suppose it has to be, he will puts in his hard cock inside of that lovely pussy. Take a look of how she enjoys every second, how she puts up her legs and how he will anything just to satisfy her. She will use her slutty little hand to touch her eager pussy so that all the pleasure to amplify. He will go in and out very slowly in the beginning, but after awhile everything will be faster and faster until they both reach an healthy orgasm at once. Take a look of how he takes out his cock and her belly will be sprayed with his load cum. For more videos, cum back next week. We will have something special for you again. Don’t forget that you can find similar galleries inside evilangel website, so check it out and have a great time inside!


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Sexy blonde giving a blowjob

Hello there, my dear friends! We have tonight a super hot erotica x porn update just for you! Get ready because this one is full of passion and desire. But you will get front row seats for all of this, so that you can get to see closely this smoking hot blonde who is looking just like the chicks from videos sucking sensually on a hard cock.


As I said, eroticax is very generous with us tonight. We will see this hot couple making love nice and slowly, but let me tell you how they start. After they are kissing passionately for like five minute, he will take her shirt off and will kiss and lick those naughty boobs of her. Then he is getting right down to business eating that lovely pussy. To repay him back, she will take him hard cock in her slutty mouth and will suck slow on it. Watch her bended and with her lips wrapped around a thick cock. After this, they will take it to another level, so she will go on top of him and will ride that cock faster and faster until they both cum moaning in pleasure.

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